I'm honored to serve as your Attorney General.

An Attorney General for All of Us

Andrea's Story

Andrea Joy Campbell has dedicated her life to fighting for justice and opportunity. At a time when so many people have lost faith in our government’s ability to solve problems, she ran for Attorney General because there has never been an office or state with so much potential and promise to solve the pressing issues of today. And Andrea knows because she has lived it firsthand. As your Attorney General, she will truly be an advocate for all of us.

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Team, we did it! From the bottom of my heart — Thank you!

Our hard work has paid off, and my heart is full. The people have made their voices heard, and I will be Massachusetts’ next Attorney General.

Right now, I’m thinking about my twin brother Andre, and a quote that I included in his funeral program 10 years ago: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

He, and so many of you, gave me the courage to keep striving forward. To turn my pain into purpose. And my faith gave me power.

This victory is for all of us. For the ones who have felt unseen. For the ones who have felt marginalized. For the ones who have felt left out and left behind, undervalued and underestimated — this victory is for you.

I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign. So many people have poured their heart and soul into our movement. They invested their hard earned money and their time to build a big, joy-filled, movement for change.

In this campaign, we were intentional about getting out to every corner of the Commonwealth — to our Gateway cities, our communities that have been looked over for generations. Your support, from every county in Massachusetts, is a testament to that work.

We have built a people-powered campaign to ensure the Attorney General’s office continues to be the people’s lawyer, representing the people’s law firm, and accountable to you. As your next Attorney General, I will always be accountable to you.

As your next Attorney General, I will ensure that our government will be responsive to your needs, with a sense of integrity, empathy, and urgency. We will remove barriers to progress, and we will not stand in the way of justice.

Together, we can use the Office of the Attorney General to knit our communities. It can be a bridge for our urban centers, our communities of color, or our rural communities. We need all of us at the table, and I’m committed to bringing you there.

Finally, we have turned our movement into a moment. A historic moment. This is the first time a Black woman has ever been elected to a statewide office in Massachusetts history. Today, we aren’t just saying that representation matters, we are showing it.

We are showing what is possible when a community gets behind a girl from Roxbury and helps her achieve her wildest dreams. What is possible when a campaign shows up with joy, hope, possibility, integrity and accountability to the people.

I’m forever grateful. WE did this! Thank you.

Andrea Joy Campbell

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