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Andrea Campbell Endorsed for Attorney General by Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

BOSTON – The Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund has endorsed Andrea Campbell for Attorney General, a credit to her commitment to the environment and climate action. With issues of environmental justice, public health, transportation, and energy policy inextricably linked, we need leaders who understand the pressing issues of the Commonwealth and will call for ambitious action.

“Andrea Campbell is an outstanding lawyer who has a history of working at every level to holistically approach major issues like climate,” said Casey Bowers, Executive Director of the ELM Action Fund. “She has the skill to lead on the climate crisis, in one of the most critical offices, to both protect our health and push entities to move with the urgency that we need.”

“I’m honored to have the support of the ELM Action Fund. They too understand that climate justice means progress on public health, economic stability, housing and racial justice. The Attorney General’s Office has the resources and tools to urgently, holistically, and effectively combat the climate crisis through this intersectional lens,” said Campbell. “As Attorney General, I will work with ELM Action and other organizations to engage communities of color, low-income, and rural communities to collectively address the existential climate threat.”

Andrea Campbell is a Roxbury native and a graduate of Princeton University and UCLA Law School. She has worked as a legal services attorney, employment attorney, and as legal counsel to Governor Deval Patrick. Most recently, she represented District 4 on the Boston City Council. Campbell has a deep understanding and passion for environmental justice. She has spent her career engaging with neighborhoods and communities to lead from the ground up with a focus on ensuring families thrive in a clean and healthy environment.

The ELM Action Fund is a nonpartisan organization that helps pass laws that protect our environmental legacy, holds our elected officials accountable, and works to build the political power of the environmental community.