Andrea Campbell

On the Issues

Massachusetts is one of the greatest states in the nation, a state with so much potential and promise. I know because I’ve lived it. As your Attorney General, I’ll fight for justice and equity by ensuring that every resident in Massachusetts has access to the same opportunities I had, so that they can fulfill their potential too.

Right now we don’t all have the same access to affordable healthcare or housing; we aren’t all affected equally by the criminal justice system, COVID-19, crime or the climate crisis. Communities of color are disproportionately policed and incarcerated, and the contrast in funding and quality of our schools – when broken down by income, race, and region – is stark and staggering. As the wealth gap between rich and poor communities widens, and the middle class shrinks, we need to look at every issue through an equity lens.

These policies have been informed by a diverse group of stakeholders, including the countless conversations I have had with residents from every corner of the Commonwealth. Thank you to each and every person who has been gracious enough to share their stories and struggles. This is just the beginning; together, we will work to build a more equitable Commonwealth. I will continue to crisscross the state to hear directly from you because that is the only way to truly be an advocate, champion, and Attorney General for all.

With gratitude,
Andrea Joy Campbell