On the Issues

Combating the Opioid and Illegal Drug Crisis 

This issue is personal for Andrea, who grew up down the street from the epicenter of Boston’s opioid crisis. But Andrea knows this crisis touches nearly every corner of the Commonwealth, and requires a regional response with a whole host of stakeholders, including those with lived experience, at the table. When it comes to this response, Andrea is committed to looking at more than opioids because she knows that it’s illegal drugs harming communities, and all too often, harming our communities of color.

As Attorney General, Andrea will:

  • Continue to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for marketing and profiting from addictive prescription opioids. 
  • Use the platform and powers of the Attorney General’s office to promote and enforce safe prescribing and dispensing practices for opioids.
  • Ensure that everyone impacted by the crisis has equitable and fair access to the substance use disorder treatment they need, and deserve, and are entitled to by law.
  • Enforce existing law that requires MassHealth providers to accept payments from MassHealth as full payment for substance use treatment services.  
  • Work with federal and local law enforcement partners to stop the trafficking of illegal opioids such as fentanyl.