On the Issues

Ensuring Access to Affordable Healthcare

Every family, worker, and resident should have access to affordable health care – no matter who you are or where you live. It’s staggering to think that Massachusetts has some of the best hospitals in the country, while also some of the greatest disparities in health care. Andrea will tackle health inequities head on, ensuring everyone, especially our communities of color and poor, rural communities, have access to high quality, affordable, culturally competent, gender affirming care including mental health care. 

As Attorney General, Andrea will:

  • Protect coverage under the Affordable Care Act and our universal coverage law.
  • Hold those who unlawfully profit off the sick fully accountable and require them to return any stolen dollars to their rightful owners.
  • Urge colleges and medical schools to report the recruiting, supporting, and graduating of Black and brown nurses and doctors and advocate for the use of funds that the Attorney General’s Office recovers from health care cases to support scholarships and other programs to make sure this occurs. The data is clear that the best way to better health outcomes for Black and brown residents is to ensure that they are being treated by professionals who look like them.
  • Advocate for continuum of care and support more integrated care for our most vulnerable residents, who suffer not just from a specific illness, but also from a vicious cycle of poverty. Andrea will push for programs that help those people who are most vulnerable, and also address the underlying living conditions that are making people sick, including air and water contaminated by environmental pollutants and inadequate access to fresh foods in “food deserts.” 
  • Work with partners at the state to deepen the conversation and address Black maternal health disparities while also working to address maternal health disparities in our poor rural communities.
  • Protect our providers of essential health care services like abortion and gender affirming care, fighting for access to these services for our most vulnerable communities, and ensuring that Massachusetts remains a beacon in the fight for reproductive justice.