On the Issues

Protecting Consumers

Massachusetts’ consumer protection laws are second to none, providing tools for business regulation and enforcement that allow the Attorney General to level the playing field for consumers facing marketplace abuse. Andrea will leverage the legal tools of the Attorney General’s office to protect consumers from abusive practices in a wide range of industries.

Andrea will:

  • Ensure protections reflect current marketing practices, including abusive and misleading internet advertisements, misleading software applications and payment processing abuses.
  • Address recently developed industries, including app-based services, to make sure that both consumers and workers are properly protected by reasonable payment terms and adequate privacy safeguards.
  • Evaluate current disclosure requirements intended to protect consumers to make sure that necessary information about cost of cancellation and payment programs is prominently, accurately, and timely disclosed.
  • Investigate banks and mortgage companies when reported data shows that they are failing to do business based on race, sexuality, gender or religion.