On the Issues

Standing Up for Workers

Andrea knows that the system is stacked against our hard-working families.  Workers can be denied critical benefits that make it easier to care for their families, like a decent wage paid on time, dependable hours, and adequate sick time and family and medical leave, as well as affordable insurance premiums. Massachusetts workers fought hard—at the Legislature and at the ballot box—for laws that guarantee these benefits.  Andrea will use every tool at her disposal to make sure that all workers get everything they have earned. 

As Attorney General, Andrea will stand up for our workers by:

  • Partnering with labor unions to protect the PRO act and the right to organize.
  • Fighting tirelessly against employer wage theft and advocating for the passage of wage theft prevention legislation on Beacon Hill. Andrea knows we need to change the behavior of companies that take advantage of workers – in every industry, from the gig economy to the trades – and will hold employers accountable using every tool at her disposal as Attorney General. 
  • Strengthening the reach of the Fair Labor Division to touch every corner of the Commonwealth by partnering with existing community stakeholders, increasing cultural competence and language access, and growing the regional offices across the state to promote regional equity in the fight against wage theft. 
  • Using the Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau to ensure working families get everything they’ve been promised, including a decent wage, protections afforded by the wage and hour laws, and fairly-priced health and auto-insurance. The Bureau will fight to ensure that workers keep their hard-earned money, and if they are victims of scams and unfair business practices that they get their money back. 
  • Rooting out civil rights violations and discrimination, in the workplace and elsewhere, ensuring an even playing field for every working family.