On the Issues

Championing Immigrant Communities

Andrea believes that all residents of the Commonwealth, regardless of immigration status, are entitled to protection under the law and she pledges to prioritize using the resources of the Attorney General’s Office to support our immigrant communities and to address discrimination, and the practices of unscrupulous employers, predatory businesses, and irresponsible landlords that target and harm members of our immigrant communities.

As Attorney General, Andrea will:

  • Make sure the AGO’s staff, including attorneys, reflect the ethnic, racial, and linguistic diversity of the Commonwealth so that people can feel confident that those enforcing our laws are connected to the people the office serves.
  • Build on existing partnerships with immigrant advocacy organizations and community organizations across the state to improve the AGO’s ability to address the issues most affecting immigrants in the state.
  • Ensure that local law enforcement agencies are not collaborating or sharing information with ICE.
  • Use the power of the Office to advocate against unnecessary immigration detention that tears families apart.
  • Enforce our anti-discrimination laws to address hate and harassment directed at immigrants and immigrant communities, including in housing and employment.
  • Protect undocumented immigrants from abuse and fraud by prioritizing growing the AGO’s language capacity to allow attorneys and staff to listen and address scams that are being perpetrated in languages other than English.
  • Ensure that immigrant children have equal access to education regardless of their immigration status.
  • Work with state and local partners to make sure our immigrant communities can access not just the AGO, but all levels of government equally and without fear.
  • Support the provision of driver’s licenses to all eligible residents of the Commonwealth, including those without documented legal status.