On the Issues

Fighting for Environmental Justice

Combating the climate crisis and protecting the environment are top priorities for Andrea, and she will fight for environmental justice across the state. Every resident deserves the opportunity to live in a healthy and safe community, especially those in poor, rural communities and communities of color who suffer the worst environmental devastation and are disproportionately harmed by pollution

As Attorney General, Andrea will ensure that Massachusetts is climate resilient, and that no community endures a disproportionate share of environmental pollution and corresponding health impacts.

She will use the law enforcement powers of the Attorney General’s Office to:

  • Ensure that all residents breathe clean air and drink clean water, including addressing the detrimental effects of PFAS.
  • Prevent and penalize illegal releases of contaminants into communities already disproportionately saddled with pollution.
  • Staunchly enforce Massachusetts’ historic roadmap legislation and environmental land use planning laws.
  • Challenge industry actions that mislead Massachusetts consumers and investors about the risks of climate change.
  • Promote renewable energy choices.
  • Intentionally engage communities of color, rural communities and low-income communities to ensure participation in developing climate policies. 
  • Incentivize communities to develop green spaces and become more climate resilient using settlement awards and damages verdicts.